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Worthy of Care

Donate today to double your impact!
Your Vision Fund gift will be matched, up to $108k, to show families in forgotten villages they’re worthy of care.

When day-to-day survival costs you your health

Imagine having no access to medical care…

Or having to travel many days to get to the nearest hospital or clinic.

What if you barely made enough to feed your children… much less pay for medicine or transportation to distant healthcare facilities?

Choosing to sacrifice your health shouldn’t be a choice

In India’s remote villages, parents must make an impossible choice when faced with a medical concern…

Do they use their day’s wage of $2 or less to feed their family? 

Or seek treatment at a distant medical facility?

Many parents in poor villages ignore their health because they cannot bear to see their children go hungry.

Because of this, treatable conditions such as common infections, diarrhea, and having a baby are the leading causes of death in India.

Compassionate care today for a healthier tomorrow

Together we’re bringing the hope of healing to places with ZERO access to healthcare… where no other organizations dare to serve.

With locally-led medical teams of doctors, nurses, and nursing students, Harvest India serves more than 27,000 remote villages. Our network of 5 permanent clinics and weekly mobile clinics provides life-saving wound care, antibiotics, and treatment for diabetes, malaria, typhoid, and much more.

Healing in a Time of Crisis

After her village was flooded, Karuna fell gravely ill. Her parents had no way to pay for care. But just in time, God sent an envoy of healing.

Nilima was orphaned by illness and poverty at age 3. She turned to begging… until God brought her to an orphanage run by Pastor Daniel, where she’s discovering a call to heal others.

Read Nilma’s Story

A Prayer for When There’s No Hope

A Harvest India pastor welcomes a 2-day-old orphan into his family. But when he discovers she has a life-threatening condition, he embarks on a prolonged journey of prayer.

Help break down barriers to quality healthcare

But too many forgotten families remain out of reach and without healthcare.

Join the movement to put compassion into action—and help show the most vulnerable men, women, and children they are worthy of care.

Your gift today will go 2x as far to help:

Double the impact of your gift!

Right now, your gift to the Vision Fund will be matched, up to $108,000, between now and December 31.

Donate now, and your gift will go double the distance to bring quality healthcare to the most vulnerable families.

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